2022 Year Ahead Reading

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Take a look, month by month at the next 12 Months Ahead.

A General Reading + Cards + Action Steps for each month! Intuitive messages from your Guides and mine on what most important information you need to know, opportunities available to you, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Delivered in .pdf format to your email.

Note at checkout if you have a particular area/circumstance of focus.


*Astrological Option Now Available*

This Astro option takes the general year ahead reading to another level. Here we add your Birth Chart into the equation. I include specific personal dates and time frames for each month based on how planetary arrangements aspect with your Chart. This is a very detailed reading and perfect for month-by-month referencing, focused planning, and structuring your year ahead. Especially good for those who are working towards goal achievement, feel they are in the process of spiritual transformation/receiving new assignments, or work best in organized environments and like advanced preparation. 

Comes delivered through a scheduled phone call.

Note your complete Birth Information at checkout for this option: Date- MMDDYYYY, Time- HHMM, Location- City, State