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Spectrum Reading

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For those who may not know, I'm a behavior therapist and have been working with people on the Autism Spectrum, and those diagnosed with a developmental disability, for over eight years. (I specialize in early education 😁) 

In my years working in the community, I've found that readings can help most especially when attempting to relate to those who may not be able to communicate clearly for themselves (i.e. those who are non-verbal or have speech impairments).

These Spectrum Readings for those who:

βœ’ have a friend/family member/child/student etc. diagnosed with a developmental disability and are interested in getting to know them better so that they can more effectively interact with them
βœ’ want to get insight on what their friend/family member/child/student etc. is having difficulty communicating

For a more detailed understanding of who your friend/family member/child/student etc. is (strengths, preferences, how to best reach them etc.) I suggest ordering them a Birth Chart Reading.

If unsure, Message Me for more details.