Saturn Return Chart

Saturn Return Chart

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*MUST have complete birth information for this chart

Saturn Returns occur every 28 +/- years, and can have effects lasting up to 5 years +/-.

Saturn, also known as "Father Time", is the recorder of all things and usually associated with:

  • karma
  • unfinished business
  • debts
  • unhealed/untreated/unacknowledged matters
  • irresponsibilties/mismanagements
  • suppressed emotions

The first 28 years usually hit the hardest, when Saturn comes around, especially if you haven't been disciplined or if you have only recently been "awakened" or become "conscious".

Saturn Returns are a good way for you to become more aligned, clear your slate, and have fresh starts and new beginnings by the end of them. They are extremely eye-opening.

This reading serves as preparation for this time in your life. I highly recommend getting one BEFORE your 28th year so as to get a head start, not have the period be as jarring, and to do as much work as you can in advance.

I take a look at your Birth Chart and tell you the areas in which you need to be most observant of and areas that will be the most highlighted or resurfaced for you.

(Complete Birth Information: Birth Date: MM/DD/YYYY + Birth Time: MM:HH (including AM/PM) + Birth Location: City, State. Country etc.)

If you have any questions or are unsure, Message Me.