Romantic Love Mojo Bag

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These bags work closely with the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. They give off energies of ✨ unconditional love ✨ compassion ✨ approachability ✨ positivity ✨ upbeatness ✨ and sensuality ✨ all on their own AND they boost and exude those energies in the wearer as well.

It's perfect if you're wanting assistance with:

💕 Self Love
💕 Attracting a potential love interest
💕 Reigniting the spark with a current partner
💕 Being more social and inviting
💕 Body image
💕 Stagnation in the romantic love department
💕 Self confidence in your magnetism
💕 Increasing charm
💕 Creating more opportunities for the like

Mojo Bags are for when you need that extra oomph or when you want to get your "mojo" back. If you are working on deeply rooted matters, they are a good accompaniment or *addition* to your other practices.