Reach Out to Me Ritual Kit

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This ritual is for when you're wanting someone (a lover/potential lover) to:

✨ contact you or be more receptive if you contact them


It's good for if you:

✨ recently met someone and want to get to know them more

✨ haven't heard from someone in a few and want to reconnect

✨ had a little tiff and one or both of you are stubborn and you want to ease up the matter
This ritual will come equipped with enough materials for two complete practices:
✒ A ritual cloth
✒ A decorative ritual plate
✒ Two chime candles
✒ A personally blended Reach Out to Me Oil
✒ Personally blended vial of Reach Out to Me herbs
✒ A keepsake box
✒ Paper for your petition
✒ Instructions
(plates, cloths, and boxes will vary, are multi-purpose, and can be used infinitely)

*This is not for deeply rooted matters or separation has been ongoing for years. If you are unsure or want to discuss, Message Me.