Boss Lady Reading

Boss Lady Reading

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I created this reading for all my ladies out there making boss moves.

It's for when you have questions like:

✨ Should I collaborate or partner with this person or organization?
✨ Would this location be the right fit for my store?
✨ Is this offer/deal/service/price point/ad/product going to be received well by my customers?
✨ What would be the right approach when addressing this employee in particular?
✨ Around what time should I schedule or launch this project for best results?
✨ How can I increase sales?
✨ What type of employee or demographic would be most compatible with my brand?

Any of those kinds of business questions that ruminate in your mind, this is the reading for you!

For a more in-depth look at your business, consider ordering a 30 Minute or 1Hr Reading

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