Give Me Your Heart and Your Money Oil

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My take on a Jezebel Oil 😊
It's perfect for women who:
🌹 make their money off of tips or commissions
🌹 like getting gifts from suitors or potential suitors
🌹 want to "level up", upgrade their status, or get more recognition
🌹 are entrepreneurs
🌹 need help paying small bills or taking care of small inconveniences
🌹 need help dreaming big
🌹 are single mothers
🌹 like being pampered, treated like a princess, or favored
🌹 like surprises
The difference with my oil and a traditional Jezebel Oil is that I put the intention that the benefactors who bestow the money or gifts are people who genuinely care for you or have a pure attraction to you. It may be a "je ne sais quoi" attraction, but it's innocent. I did this to safeguard against the potential creeps or stalkers or those who have a tendency to become obsessed. Hence the 'give me your HEART' part. So, the generosity is always heart centered.