Let's Create a Ritual!

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We'll create a ritual based on a goal you have.

First, I'll look at your Birth Chart to determine the most favorable and opportune upcoming dates to carry things out. Then we'll have a Phone Session to discuss my findings and to answer any of your questions. You'll receive a personalized calendar outlining the recommended regimen. Plus all the materials you'll need for an entire month.

This is perfect for you if:

  • it's been difficult for you to achieve a goal
  • you don't know what items you need to get the outcome you want
  • you work best with step-by-step instructions
  • you struggle with consistency
  • you're super busy and don't have the time to gather the necessities
  • you don't want to go into your practice alone

If you need a payment plan option, Message Me.

If you already have creating a ritual down pat and are comfortable going solo or don't need the consultation and tailored information, choose from these Ritual Boxes. You still get enough materials for an entire month!