Breathe Again Oil

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If you've ever seen the movie 'The Pianist' and remember the scene with the woman who keeps repeating, "Why did I do it?", this is the Oil I would give to her.

It's for when you need to forgive yourself, trust yourself again after making past "mistakes", or poor decisions, or choices that came with serious/lasting consequences. 

If you've been experiencing pervasive thoughts that repetitively send you on a downward spiral, holding your breath, not trusting your ability to make good decisions or lead yourself, lacking self confidence to move forward, or preoccupied with nervous anxiousness about the future, this Oil encourages and reminds that you have more opportunities to choose differently and better, and that what's ahead does not have to be a repeat of what has passed.

It's not the end you can try again.

Reiki Oil is a good companion.