Why the 3 of Swords & Ace of Pentacles are the Perfect Companions!

Posted by Nisha Ferrell on

I was first introduced to this depiction by Hazellie Wong and immediately upon seeing it, it made perfect sense how well they fit together.  In the Fairy Lights Tarot, Mattioli pairs each card so that together they form a complete painting.  And it's in thinking of the traditional meaning of the the 3 of Swords (pain and sorrow) that some relief can be had in this couplet.  Because with the Ace of Pentacles is an OPPORTUNITY! (Always)

I learned this from personal experience at the end of 2014.  I had gone through a breakup in September that left me absolutely distraught, as it was unexpected.  And in an attempt to not become a complete vegetable, I literally threw myself into new projects.  It was then that I started offering Free Tarot Readings to get feedback, and I started a blog, and a bookclub called BookStars and I started delivering Happy Surprises gift boxes.  It was just non stop everyday, thinking, "What can I do, so I don't have to feel this way or think about this anymore?"

I was at a peak creatively!  And almost two years later, here I am doing those same things, in a BIGGER and BETTER way!  So, aside from the Ace of Pentacles being a source of inspiration from which to pull, it is also a LASTING one that you can build upon, which is what I love most about it.  What you begin during a time of grief, what you're able to channel that energy into, will usually be something that will carry you through and BEYOND.

I just wanted to drop my two cents and validation that if you are feeling this way now, or can't see on the other side of loss, put your attention towards something you can develop. It could be a skill, like I did with my readings.  It could be a hobby, like blogging or starting a group or club.  It could even be something that just brings you or others absolute joy, like my Happy Surprises.

Give it a try.  There's nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN! :*


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