What is a Sun Moon and Rising Sign?

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Ok, so when you're reading your horoscope, for the most complete picture, you should read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

You more than likely already know what your Sun sign is, but what is your Moon sign and what even is a Rising you may ask??


(Sample Birth Chart created at Astro.com)

Take a look at the image above.  It's a Birth Chart.  And basically what a Birth Chart is, is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born.  Pretty awesome right?!?  Most people are familiar with their Sun Sign.  This is the sign, where when people ask, "What sign are you?" you answer, "Gemini" if you were born on June 4th or "Sagittarius" if you were born on December 19th.  What they are really asking is, "What Sun sign are you?"  And this means, in what Zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born.

In the image above, look for this glyph ⊙

This symbolizes the Sun.

If you look to its left you'll see this glyph ♎.  This symbolizes Libra.  So, this person would answer, "Libra", when asked "What sign are you?"

The Moon sign works in the same way.

In the image above, look for this glyph ☾

This symbolizes the Moon.

Now look to the right of it.  You'll see this glyph ♉.  This symbolizes Taurus.  So, this person's Moon sign is Taurus.  Simple right?

Ok.  So, what's a Rising??  That's what you really want to know.  "Rising" or the other term it is called: "Ascendant" simply means what Zodiac sign was "rising" or "ascending" or coming up over the horizon at the time you were born.

So, find the horizon on the chart.  It's the bold horizontal line that points from left to right.  For the purposes of chart reading the rising or ascending part is to the left (and the descending part is to the right, but we'll talk about that another time).

Do you see the horizontal line?  What sign is it pointing to on the left?  What Zodiac sign is coming up just above the horizon?  (Hint: The Ascendant is represented by the letters AC.  In what sign is the AC?)

Be the first to comment below with the correct answer and I'll give you a free one card reading!  :*


P.S. Now, take a look at your Birth Chart and see what your Sun and Moon and Rising signs are! (check out Astro.com for a free one if you know your birth details (Mo/Da/Yr/ Time/ Location)).


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