What is a Retrograde?

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I'm sure with all the horror stories out there about Mercury Retrograde, the thought has crossed your mind at least once.  What is this Retrograde thing anyway?  And what does it mean?

Before we begin, I must say that if you don't take anything else away from this post, take this: LEARN TO LOVE RETROGRADES!  Once you do, you'll truly begin to see the blessings they can offer you.

Ok.  Let's deal with the technicalities first.  Literally, retrograde means to go backwards.  But, the planet is not really going backwards.  It's just moving very slowly.  Much slower than its regular speed of rotation.  From Earth, because the planet is moving so slowly, (and the Earth is still moving at its regular speed of rotation) the planet appears to be moving backwards.  Hence, a retrograde.

An Important Note: Every planet has a retrograde, not just Mercury!  You can see in the chart below all the planets that will Retrograde this year and their dates.

Metaphysically and spiritually, a retrograde is the perfect time to go back over something. All those RE words are perfect for this time... RE-member, RE-work, RE-do, RE-group, RE-assess.  And that's why I call it a blessing.  Look at a retrograde as that planet's influences slowing down in order to make sure everything is in right alignment for when it is time to move forward again.  Like a RE-boot.  It's permission from the Universe to take your time before you rush ahead and forget or overlook something.  It's the perfect time for RE-trospection and taking a look at patterns you have and RE-organizing how you might choose differently this time around.

For example, if Mercury was in Retrograde it would be time to RE some communications.  If Venus was in Retrograde you could RE some relationships.  Mars in Retrograde will definitely have you RE all your action plans.  Each planet has his (or her) forte. And that's right, so do the Signs.  A planet Retrograding in Virgo would be an expert in the RE's because of all the attention to detail required.  Retrograding in Pisces might leave you RE'ing too long lol, that dreamy state is home and all too familiar.

Each House has its signature, too, which can be determined by looking at your Birth Chart.  Each and every Retrograde will impact everyone differently depending on which Birth Chart Natal House it is traveling in.  So, which planet is Retrograde, +Sign, +Natal House that it's Retrograding in, will tell you in which area of your life you should focus on.  For example, if a planet was Retrograde in your 3rd House, your area of RE could be right in your own neighborhood.  In the 10th House, the focus might be more broad and perhaps even abroad.

If you'd like to know how the Retrograde will affect you personally, you can order a Retrograde Reading where I take a look at the Retrograde as it relates to your Natal Chart or you can visit Astro.com to have your Birth Chart generated for free and have a looksee for yourself.

If you slow down and do the work the Universe has given you the time to do, you'll leave Retrograde periods with pure gems!  If something breaks down, let it.  Maybe you need to RE-consider upgrading.  Anything that is falling apart needs a better foundation.  And the Retrograde helps you RE-build it!

Was that helpful?  Let me know.  I'd love your feedback!  And if you have any questions you'd like answered, I'd love to know that too!  Comment below or Message Me :*


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