Sun in Aries vs. New Moon in Aries

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The Sun enters the constellation Aries on March 21st and stays there until April 19th, making this the time of Aries.  Remember in this post how we were talking about the difference between Sun, Moon & Rising signs?  This is why people who are born or have a birthday within these dates have a Sun Sign of Aries, because the Sun is there.

The dates of Aries are March 21st - April 19th.

The Moon is much faster than the Sun.  It moves through the entire zodiac in 28/29 days.  However, it takes the Sun 365/366 days to travel through the entire Zodiac.

A New Moon happens when the Sun and the Moon
meet together in the same Zodiac Sign.

The next time this will occur is on April 7th.  The Sun and the Moon will both be in Aries.  After this, the next time they will be in the same Zodiac Sign will be on May 6th, when the Sun and the Moon will both be in Taurus.

Sun Sign dates are fixed.  They do not change.  Moon dates do change.  Because the Moon is so fast moving.

Another name for the New Moon is the Dark Moon.  Remember, the Sun and the Moon are not planets.  They are more properly termed Lights, because the Sun is a Star and the Moon has no light of its own, and so it reflects the Sun's light, like a mirror or satellite.  So, when the Sun and the Moon are together, the Moon cannot be seen because the Moon is too close to the Sun to reflect it.  Hence, Dark Moon.

This is why, when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs, there is a Full Moon.  Because the Moon is at the furthest distance away from the Sun, able to reflect all of it's light, and the Moon can be seen completely.

So, when we have the New Moon in Aries on April 7th this year, in what sign will the Full Moon be in?  Remember, a Full Moon is when the Moon and the Sun are in opposite signs.  So, what is the opposite sign of Aries?



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