Soul Retrieval

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After a Soul Retrieval you have to be prepared to welcome those pieces back. Remember they left for a reason. So, the return will likely be a challenge. You may feel emotional, sad, depressed, angry... The pieces that left felt a particular way that made them want to not be here in the first place. So, when they return, those feelings will likely come back with them. You must be very receptive as well as compassionate with yourself. It's similar to when you adopt a pet from the humane society. You have to be prepared to manage the roller-coaster that may follow because you'll have to (re)acclimate those "new"/returned pieces into your home/body/life. You'll have to work with the trauma(s) that triggered the loss and it'll be like healing in "real" time. Calming yourself, talking positively to yourself, reassuring yourself, (re)training / (re)programing your thinking and behavior.

I say all this because you should not enter the process lightly. Yes, there should be an optimism on what the other side or outcome of the retrieval will be. Because again those pieces WILL need that *welcome* feeling. At the same time though you need to have a realistic and present-minded sense about things and what to expect so that you don't cancel out or stop doing the work once you've already started.

IT WILL VARY FOR EVERYONE. But some things you might expect so as to wrap your mind around it beforehand:

  • Memories returning (usually painful or uncomfortable in some way)
  • Becoming emotional, depressed or a lack of interest or desire in life
  • Wanting to escape or abandon circumstances or responsibilities
  • Wanting to return to toxic or inappropriate relationships
  • Reaching out to people who should not or no longer be in your life
  • People or situations returning from the past (usually unwanted or that did not end well the first time around)
  • Feeling at a crossroads or like the "Hanged Man" / having difficulty making decisions
  • Losing focus or direction in life
  • Questioning or doubting your path
  • Rushing decisions or being impatient
  • Changes in eating, sleeping habits, or appearance
  • Being temperamental or having short fuses with people
  • Becoming easily discouraged or confused with life
  • Wanting to quit or give up on work or long established projects
  • Suicidal thoughts / wanting to end it all


Some things you can do to help with the process:

  • Spiritual baths and self-cleansing - Daily/Weekly
  • Keeping your home and spaces sacred and clean - Daily/Weekly management
  • Readings or spiritual check-ins with your Ancestors and Guides
  • Establish a prayer or devotional practice
  • Journal and meditate
  • Consider massage therapy, plant allies, and acupuncture
  • Talk with, consult, or confide in a mentor or spiritual adviser
  • Read Psalm 23 ("Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.")
You'll likely face lots of doubt and fears head on. Fears like being unworthy, alone, useless, ugly, undervalued, ignored, abandoned, a loss cause, shame, guilt, judgement... And of course again this will vary with everyone depending on the level of trauma or depth of the root cause of the matter. This is just to give you a general idea.


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