What to Petition for?

Posted by Nisha Ferrell on

There is no need to fear or panic about anything right now. I would liken this time to right before a storm. What would you do preceding a storm? Would you be starting something new? Just as you wouldn't be making plans to have an outdoor wedding or go on a cruise, it would help to petition for things in line with the current energy.

First think about the planetary arrangements and where things are. The eclipses are happening on the Cancer-Capricorn axis PLUS we have 5 planets in retrograde. So, it would be most effective to petition for assistance with:

  • grounding
  • nesting
  • long-term/future goals
  • fluidity/flexibility
  • organization
  • in-door/home relations
  • things already established and up and running / maintenance
  • purging/cleaning/clearing/removing
  • karma/justice/court cases
  • forgiveness/compassion
  • fears
  • protection/safety
  • faith
  • peace/calm
  • family matters
  • purpose
  • intuition
  • journaling/sifting through emotions
  • healing past traumas

A storm has its own trajectory. There's no stopping it or changing it. What is meant to shift in your life, will. What changes need to occur, will. And it will be for the best. The best way to look at it is how can you be more surrendering to the time. How can you anchor yourself while still being receptive, like the bamboo. How can you bend rather than break? What do you hope will make it past the storm? What do you need to fortify? What do you need to safeguard? What do you need to get rid of? What do you already know won't make it? What have you been hoarding? Who do you need to make amends with? Yourself? How can you change with the times? What principles or virtues do you need to adopt that you know will be lasting? What legacy would you be leaving behind if you didn't "make it"? What have you been doing with your time on Earth? What have you been spending your energy on? Is it in line with your purpose? Do you have a passion? Have you been of service? Have you been giving back? 

By the end you will most certainly have new perspectives and vantage points. You're always able to see things more clearly for what they really are once a storm passes. And at that time you will see what remains and work with it. You'll make new plans, plant new seeds, and see what is aligned with who you know yourself to be then.

RIGHT NOW is a great time to reflect, re-establish a relationship with your ancestors, re-connect with your devotions, re-commit to your beliefs, and solidify more apt ones. Now is a good time to ask for help with those things.


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