Pluto Retrograde

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Pluto is now Retrograde. Until October. During this time he'll also be joined by Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. And so the next 5 months will be *super* transformative for everyone. Slowly but surely. (You can probably already feel it in your belly that something is on the horizon.)

Pluto is a generational planet and so it works with DEEP change. Thus structures *of all sorts* will be REstructured now. Global and personal patterns of behavior alike.

Like Saturn, Pluto comes around to make sure your "houses are in order". And because of this, and Retrogrades in general, things from the past can surface or be revealed-- with Pluto, its usually things that were once hidden or "done in the dark" or secretively, or not consciously, or with a preconceived or outdated notion. And so it can seem like a reckoning or a justice coming into play. Because Pluto wants you to finally "get it right", or finally face what you've been doing "wrong", or finally make a different choice at that point where you are usually unaware that you make the "same" decision. So Pluto Retrograde is coming to break you out of Groundhog's Day.

Overall it's about righting wrongs and realignment for the purpose of establishing better foundations and infrastructure for the future you *say* you want. So Pluto is also coming to give you a taste of your desire to see if you're ready for it. To "test" your resolve, your faith, your beliefs, and your comfort with the unknown (Pluto was the last planet to be discovered, so this whole time will be shrouded in mystery and suspense lol).

A lot of what happens over the next 5 months will be *slow moving* and so you'll *often* be left to your own imaginations as to how they will unfold and it'll be up to you how you process the changes and envision/manifest the future.

Common themes presented during this time:

  • Realizing/facing fears & hard truths
  • Being scared or afraid of pain, paranoia, ptsd
  • Being ashamed or feeling guilty
  • Remaining calm, needing comfort & emotional stability
  • Leading with your gifts/strengths
  • Creating & holding steadfast to a vision
  • Breaking 'years-long' patterns/cycles
  • Beginning new patterns/cycles
  • Being reminded of & rewarded for your diligence
  • Birthing/pregnancy/labor pains
Questions everyone can consider:
  • How do you respond to stillness?
  • What do you create out of chaos and the unknown?
  • Are you pessimistic? Do you first imagine the worst case or glass half empty scenario?
  • Are you optimistic? Do you look for the silver lining or glass half full scenario?
  • What vision can you focus on to make the "pain" worth it? A vision of what the "other side" of these 5 months will look like.

Oils I most recommend for working with this time:

  • Serenity PrayerPeace, acceptance, courage, wisdom, allowance, willingness, alignment, positive change
  • High John the ConquerorConfidence, bravery, protection, standing up to fears, breaking long withstanding, even generational, patterns
  • OshunRealizing and facing hard truths, assessing and learning how to heal yourself/nurse yourself
  • StrengthCommitment, sticking to decisions, tapping into your reserves
  • AncestorCreating a relationship with your Ancestors, reverence, assistance, increasing reciprocal communication with them
  • Heart HealingHeal heart-centered wounds, trauma, and dysfunctional patterns. Create a heart-mind connection and emotional stability
  • EmpowermentSupport and fire to take action, increase will power, defeat procrastination and self doubt
  • Blockbuster: A nice companion to High John the Conqueror, breaking through seemingly insurmountable obstacles
  • Road Opener: Opening up a new way or path, (I recommend this as a pairing with Blockbuster, because once you clear the way you'll want to open it up for opportunities. You don't want to bring new things into a dirty room.)

If you'd like to shed a little light to the ways this Retrograde may affect you, what opportunities/challenges/themes may be coming into focus for you, and how you can personally prepare and shift accordingly, order a Pluto Retrograde Reading.

If you'd like to see which of your shadows foremost needs working with at this time, Donate for a Shift My Shadow Self Reading. Note "Shift My Shadow" at checkout.

If you'd like to brush up or better understand what Retrogrades are, read this blog post.


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