Full Moon in Sagittarius / How to Petition A Spirit

In Moon Mapping 101 I talk about how when the Moon is transiting Sagittarius, gifts are given.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. A very benevolent, generous, and expansive planet.

We are having an upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, the 17th. (Click here for a Sag Full Moon Reading) It already feels like it will be another potent time and I'm very excited and looking forward to what it will bring. I'm also already working on an Oil that I will charge under its energy. So, heads up about that if you want first dibs.

It's particularly an oil for cultivating long-lasting relationships. And this is across the board- romantic, friendships, business partnerships etc. It's to:

  • help connect you with people who have your best interest at heart
  • who you can bond with on multiple levels and at the highest of those levels
  • and who you can grow with over a long period of time
  • Dependable, consistent, trustworthy, & completely compatible people and relationships

It will be a limited supply similar to the Rosemary Oil that I offered under the Scorpio Full Moon.

But back to Sagittarius. Especially because of the transmission with Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes the other day (Sign up to become a Patron of mine, any tier, to listen to it). This feels like a good time to work with the Spirits you feel called to leading up to the Full Moon, to help you in regards to manifesting your goals. It especially feels that this upcoming Full Moon will benefit those who have been consciously already working toward seeing specific things manifest (particularly long term goals or matters that have been persistently challenging or difficult to overcome). But whether you're at the beginning of a process or coming more towards seeing fruition, working with Spirit will help you either way and this is a potent time to make requests.

How to Petition a Spirit

1. Identify what you want to manifest. You need to have a clear goal in mind. This will help you with the next step of choosing who you want to help you achieve that goal. It's like in real life. If I know I want to build a house I might ask a physically adept construction worker for help. But if I wanted to prepare a five-course meal, I might ask an entirely different person. So, identify your goal and write it down so your brain can conceive it. Include "this or better" and "with harm to none" in your petition. We have a very LIMITED perspective. Something we've asked for may not be in line with our highest potential. And if we haven't been specific there's no telling how we may come about getting what we wanted. So we ask for better if necessary and we ask that none be harmed in any way by our request. You only want what's for you. Not somebody else's.

2. Identify who it is you are wanting help from. Do Not be general about this. Whether it's a particular person who has crossed over, a Spirit Guide who has communicated with you, a deity...be specific. If you aren't sure you can ask that whoever wants to come forward, with your highest good intentions, do so. In relation to #1, choose someone with some experience or relationship to your goal. If you want to build a house, perhaps John the Conqueror or Imhotep. If you want to cook a meal, maybe Julia Childs or your great grandmother.

3. Research who you chose. Imagine when you went to your parents to ask them for something. You thought about how you could butter them up first. You knew they have been known in the past to praise you for things like getting good grades, cleaning your room, doing chores around the house. You know your mom likes Snickers and your dad likes Cookies and Cream ice cream. You know your mom likes Tennis so you record a match for her. You know your dad likes puzzles, so you bought him a crossword book. Research who you want to work with and find out what they like. This can be dates (birth, death, veneration...). This could be food and drink (rum, sweets, tobacco). This could be colors, hobbies, music... You can ask the Spirit directly what they like as well. If they are interested in working with you, they will make it known what they might want in exchange. These types of things are called offerings, payment, hospitality, respect...

4. Set up a Sacred Space for them. This could include a candle and water or an offering you've chosen. You could have your written petition or a symbolic representation. Treat it as you would a space for a guest. Perhaps fresh flowers or a clean cloth. How would you treat a guest? Especially one you wanted to treat you favorably in return? You can be as elaborate or simplistic as you like. The creativity is up to you.

5. Pay Attention to Responses. This can show up in an infinite amount of ways. You could receive breadcrumbs to follow. An actual person might show up to help you. You might receive a key piece of information. You might have a new idea or ah-ha moment. You might find something. You might overhear a conversation. You might have a dream. You might have a visitor. You might see signs, symbols, and synchronicities. Pay attention to it all. You can anticipate, but don't have a limited expectation about the hows and whats and whens and whys and wheres.

6. Don't Assume! Even if things "go wrong", don't assume that you haven't been helped. Remember you asked for "better", too. Something even greater than our wildest dreams could be in store. Always remain optimistic.

7. Stay gracious and show gratitude. When your guest has finished their task or it's time for them to go, you don't just kick them out do you? No lol. Thank them for their service. Send a "follow up" note a week later thanking them again. The next year, remember what they did for you, thank them again. Don't just discard once you're "done" with someone. A verbal thank you, a lit candle, an observance in some way...stay mindful and appreciative always. Kindness doesn't take much.

8. Let yourself be guided during this entire process. If you're ever unsure or begin to overthink things, tap into Spirit, listen, and just go with the flow. Trust that you will receive your next steps and you will.

I'm thinking of offering a new service called Assistance. And this will be when perhaps you have something you're trying to manifest or a Spirit you want to actively connect with and you don't know how. And we will have a consultation and I will provide 1-on-1 tips or advice on how to proceed or set up a petition. This would also include any physical or additional or hard to find materials that you may need. Let me know what you think in the comments below or Message Me.

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