Connecting with: Romero (Rosemary)

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I've always liked the smell of fresh Rosemary and knew it to be a kind of "all-purpose" essential oil, or as having broad or wide cast uses, but I'd never done any one-on-one work with it. By others' description (and it's name alone), I had thought Rosemary to be feminine. But once I started to sense it's energy I came to know it as *mainly* masculine, and began preferring to refer to it by its Spanish name: Romero (which still feels most fitting).

I was connecting with another herb at the time, but I could tell Romero wanted to get my attention. And then to make it official I had a dream. And a woman kept repeating "Rosemary Rosemary Rosemary". So that sealed the deal lol and upon waking I started being more conscious about establishing some familiarity with it.

I could automatically tell it was a "mental", or airy, or thought-realm energy. I likened it to Mercury and being a bit androgynous. I then bathed with it and started to predominantly feel its masculine side.

I would best describe Romero as a priest. So, the energy feels "higher"/"cleaner"/"purer" than that of a layman, and more like a devoted man who had abstained or taken vows. (Plus I always see the right side profile of a priest holding a book when I think of him- the black robe and white collar being unmistakable.) This kind of devoutness I think is where the androgynous or "higher" feel to his energy comes from.

A teacher of mine had already told me that Romero was a Heart Chakra herb. And so this is why I think the heart-mind connection is healed with Romero, because of his clarity aspects that are filtered from base pleasures or indulgences. He's an "upper-Chakras" herb. So, he particularly helps with patterned/habitual thoughts that impede on Heart healing processes or hinder Heart level communications and interpretations.

His energy feels clearing and somewhat grounding as well. This is also evident in his smell, earthy yet enlivening/uplifting. (After all, he is a plant from Mother Earth.)

Our connection began leading up to the potent Scorpio Full Moon that happened on May 18th, and was why I was lead to create the limited amount of Rosemary Oil under it.

But Romero is now an ingredient in my Heart Healing Oil, offering his service. Consider trying it if you feel called.

Currently, I would suggest Romero for help primarily with:

  • any of the upper-Chakras (Heart, Throat, Third-Eye, Crown)
  • devotion
  • negative self-talk, fear-based thoughts
  • heart healing from grief
  • clarity
  • paranoia 

...Just wanted to share my initial thoughts on Romero. I'll speak soon on Connecting with: Albahaca (Basil).

Feel free to share your experience as well. Comment below or Message Me.


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