5 Ways to Remember Your Dreams

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Here are a few tips that have worked for me on my journey to remembering my dreams and I wanted to share them with you.

#1 Just Remember!
If you go to sleep with the intention to remember your dreams, you will! Think of it as being just that simple. The brain is a computer. So, program it. Give it the instruction. Set your intention: “I will remember my dreams.” WILL. That’s a great word to use in intentions. It’s a command. It establishes confidence and deliberateness. And then it will be like that ‘set it and forget it’ commercial. Because when you know something is for sure, you don’t keep thinking about it. Only a worried or unsure person keeps thinking about something. So, tell your brain what it’s supposed to do and then go to sleep *KNOWING* that you will remember your dreams when you wake up.
#2 Don’t Wet The Bed
This is a little trick not everyone knows about lol. Drink some water before going to bed–about half a glass. This way you’ll wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. And that will be the perfect time to remember your dreams! If you slept all the way through the night, by the time you woke up you would have had lots of dreams or “scenes” as I like to call them. So, do yourself a favor and break the scenes up into parts a bit. Then you’ll have two separate opportunities to remember two sets of dreams–when you wake up to use the bathroom and when you wake up in the morning. Which brings me to my next tip.
#3 Keep It At Arms Length
I highly recommend having something to jot down notes with, next to your bed, when you wake up. You can use your phone or a simple pencil and pad. And you don’t have to write everything down or any long details, just quick keywords or phrases that will help jog your memory when you’re fully awake. Like “tree” or “walking home” or “grandma”. Do this each time you wake up. Easy peasy.
#4 What You Feel Is Stronger Than What You See
I’m sure you’ve had that dream where you see someone who looks like one person but feels like another. Or you wake up not remembering anything about the dream but you can still feel the panic or exhaustion or happiness strongly in your body. This is very common and is why feelings supersede visuals. So, don’t be discouraged when you don’t remember scenes from your dream. If you can remember how you felt while you were in the dream, you’re more than halfway there. Bring to mind the *feeling(s)* you had and make a note of them.
#5 Grab A Helper
Crystals, your favorite tarot and oracle card, a picture, a letter, an herb…these are great things to put under your pillow to help focus your intentions before sleep and help induce your recall when you wake up. Excellent aids! Clear quartz, Amethyst and Mugwort are perfect dream helpers. Pick a Tarot or Oracle card that will address something you have a question about or want to experience. My favorite Tarot card to sleep with is the Ace of Cups. 😍 A picture of or a letter to a loved one; these are nice because you go to sleep with an intensified purpose and anticipation to remember your dreams. It gives you more motivation to remember!
BONUS: #6 The Grand Master
The most important thing you can do is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Nothing happens over night (lol no pun intended). But with consistency, there will be results! The mere fact that remembering your dreams is something you want to do, automatically means that you will accomplish it. So don’t give up. You may even notice peaks where one night you have very vivid dreams and the next night only memories of feelings and the next night flashes of scenes and the next night absolutely nothing. Again, this is normal. Your dreams are fluid and flexible just like you are. Go with it and see what happens. While you’re doing all this remembering, remember to have fun with it! The dream world is just that, another world! Think of this as an exploration and adventure. And the best adventures are unwritten. No pressure. No worries. 😘
Let me know if this helps you my loves!


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