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::ARCHIVED:: February 23, 2018 @ 9:46 am

The 53rd anniversary of Malcolm's death was February 21st and I felt compelled to read for him.

Immediately there was an expression for the LOVE of music. And this feels like a love for today's music especially and the innovative-ness of it. Erica Campbell's "Well Done" was playing on the radio and it felt like a resonance with the sound of that song particularly.

He feels calm but in the way that knowing you are safe and secure provides peace. So, he feels like a solid rock in the midst of chaos. He feels VERY grounded. The energy of a balanced Taurus.

He brings the message that all unexpectedness isn't bad and to be flexible. He describes being flexible as an art. He describes patience as an art. He relays that having patience and being flexible is the only way to work with the masses and different personalities and backgrounds/upringings. Everyone is different. Everyone comes from a different place. Having patience and flexibility is apart of having RESPECT.

He feels like someone who easily could have been an organizer of a communal living. He has an immense understanding about what it means to be at the head of a larger moving body-to be a LEADER.

He feels like he is very strict when it comes to family or the family unit-his family specifically though. He feels like he has particular standards or concepts or notions or ideas about how a family should be "run" or "move".

Partnership is very important to him. He recognizes so greatly the role of his wife and of how that compatibility or how the gifts of those differences or that opposite are needed. He appreciates it and her so much. He considers her a BEST FRIEND. (I could cry.)

He does very much feel like a loner though. As one who recognizes his responsibility. And even so, as one who only considers himself a small fish in a GREAT pond. He considers himself a beginner and one who is still learning and has only just begun to learn.


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