✨Energy Reading✨: Eartha Kitt✨

Posted by Nisha Ferrell on

::ARCHIVED:: Feb 10, 2018 at 9:50 AM

Ok, so, getting into Kitt's energy felt like having to go on a trip. It feels like her energy is far away from this planet and that she has no intention of coming back here. Which makes me laugh actually. Furthermore, it does feel that her energy is "extraterrestrial" or "otherworldly" in itself and that she didn't want to come here in the first place. (This made me think of how she was a child of rape, and if there was any correlation with the way in which she was brought into the world. 🤔)

It feels like she always felt different. Never understood. Never traditional. Her energy feels very masculine, complex, eccentric, and at times erratic. Others would feel overpowered and manipulated by her, but at the same time feel a lack of emotional connection/attachment with her. There feels like a great distance between her and the partners in her life in terms of "understanding". So, miscommunications left and right between what was felt, what was communicated, and what was received on both sides.

Her energy feels like what has been described most closely as a succubus. Not to be feared or considered a "demon", but definitely someone who loves in a different way and who sees partnership as just that: coming together for a specific purpose/mutual gain.

She especially highlights the relationships between "women" and "men" on this planet. The movie The Texas Cadet Murder comes up. The way romantic relationships/roles work on Earth doesn't interest her at all.

Her accomplishments meant a lot to her. Her résumé. She feels like someone who carries herself as deserving respect because she earned it.


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